Social Distancing Our Worship On March 20, 2020

The elders have asked the following message be sent:

This message is to let you know that we will not be having regular worship services this Sunday, March 22. The elders made this decision to be in compliance with Governor Gregg Abbott’s Executive Order of no more than ten people gathering in one place. Due to the limitation of ten people, a small group of the elders, the preacher, and their families will be live streaming a worship service from the building on Sunday morning at 9:30am. This will allow members to safely participate in the worship service from their homes. There will be a time for communion during this worship service. If you would like to partake of communion at home during this time and will not have access to grape juice and unleavened bread, you may pick up a communion packet at the church office, today, Friday, March 20 between 2pm and 5:30pm. 

There will be a link on our Highland website at or that you can click to view the worship live stream video on your computer.  Another way to access the stream is to visit or visit and type in “Highland Church of Christ FW” in the search bar. You can also search for the Highland Youtube page on your smart TV, Google Chrome, Amazon Firestick, and other smart devices. Alternatively, you can access the feed through the YouTube app on your smartphone or tablet.
A link for viewing the worship service will be put on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you need help, please contact someone who has access to these information sources and they can help direct you. 

If you do not have internet or a smart TV, please feel free to assemble in small groups of 10 or less, in locations away from the church building with members who have access to these services. 

Please be patient with us since this is the first time we have used this streaming technology on a wide scale. We believe our internet provider can support this effort, but ultimately it will depend on internet traffic during the time we are streaming.

We are taking these measures for the safety and well-being of our members.  We pray that these measures are effective and look forward to meeting together again soon. We will continue to review the authorities’ recommendations week by week to determine when it will be safe for everyone to assemble at the building again. Please keep yourselves safe and be mindful of others.

Evening services and Wednesday Bible study are also postponed for the next few weeks. We don’t know how long that will be yet.

Some recommended resources are:
• World Video Bible School (
• Gospel Broadcasting Network (
• Apologetics Press (

PTP365 FREE for a limited time. This is a great resource. You might check it out if you have some extra time at home in the next few weeks. Polishing the Pulpit is a yearly seminar for members of the church. Go to and sign up for an account. You do not have to enter credit card information.